New Delhi: Why should not the international community take action against Pakistan for allowing the use of their territory for sponsoring and training terrorist who operate across the border in Afghanistan and India? Shouldn’t the US stop all military aid to Pakistan for its role in backing Islamic terrorists of different hues?

These and many other issues were the topic of discussion at a London-New Delhi video news conference held here today. Security exports and journalists, who were a part of a seminar on the issue held at London yesterday, addressed the media. The theme was: Is Pakistan a victim or perpetrators of terrorism?
Dr C Christiane Fair, associate professor, Georgetown University, said that Pakistan’s ISI is behind the Islamic terrorist groups operating in Pakistan and sanctions should be imposed on the country for being involved in cross-border terrorism.
Kailash Budhwar, a senior journalist based in London, maintained that the creation of Pakistan was the saddest happening of the last century and the tragedies continue to this day with Pakistani backing for Islamic terrorists.
Dr Aqil Shah, Assistant Professor of South Asian Studies, University of Oklahoma, said that Pakistan military and the establishment think that they can get away with anything and there would be no action against them. The US and other countries should make it clear that their supports for terrorists will not be tolerated.

Dr Fair was particularly critical about the military aid being given to Pakistan comparing it to a blank cheque which is counter productive.
Journalist Loveenna Tandon, who is based in London, said that there was a heated debate at the seminar on the issue and it was generally felt that Pakistan should give assurance that it will not support terrorists or be prepared to face interaction orchestration.
The seminar in London and the news video conference in New Delhi were organized by The Democracy Forum.